Credits & Attribution

Updated on 24 July 2021


Team #bizskit is eternally grateful to the following organisations, companies and individuals who have allowed the use of their works and creations on While every effort has been made to attribute and credit the respective authors, please get in touch with us if we have inadvertently left out anyone and we will make the necessary addition thereafter.

If any of our Users have infringed, please inform our Team #bizskit and we will make the necessary inquiries including removing such materials.


Our Appreciation goes to:

(in alphabetical order)

  1. Bluehost Team
  2. Clickminded Team
  3. Darrel Wilson
  4. HTMLcolourcodes Team
  5. Nayyar Shaikh
  6. Samreena Pakistan
  7. Team Enso
  8. Team Pexels and contributors
  9. Team Pixabay and contributors
  10. Team RDO Architects
  11. Team RealHomes
  12. Team Removebg
  13. Team TinyPNG
  14. Team WPCrafter
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