Prohibited Items

This Notice was last updated on 1st September 2020


Prohibited Items


It is our hope from all at Bizskit Ecommerce Technologies PLT and specifically our site colleagues who are managing to ensure that all Visitor, Sellers and/or Users are able to have an enriching experience. Therefore, all Visitor, Users and/or Sellers accessing, visiting, browsing and/or using any part whatsoever of our site are to fully accept, agree and to fully comply with all Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy as set out in the relevant pages.


In addition to that, we are also including herewith a list of Prohibited items which are not allowed to be advertised, listed, requested, offer for sale or rented and/or in any manner whatsoever to be displayed, communicated, obtained, made available and/or conveyed through our Site and/or Service. All these notices are to be read and construed together in its entirety together with all other notices decided, appearing and/or displayed by the Company, Site and/or Service, notwithstanding any future additions which can be added from time to time without any prior notice to Seller and/or User.


The below list is by no means exhaustive, and further prohibited items may be added from time to time by the Company, Site and/or Service without any need for prior notice to Seller and/or User. Oversight by our team in allowing any prohibited items to be displayed does not constitute consent in any manner whatsoever and any such offending and/or prohibited item, goods and/or services can be taken down immediately by the Company, Site and/or Service without any prior notice to User and/or Seller, once it has been brought to our attention.

Please report any offensive material to us through the following email :


The Company, Site and/or Service fully disclaims any responsibility and/or liability in the event any prohibited items are displayed, offered, requested and/or in any manner shown on our Site and/or links from our Site. It is the sole responsibility of the Visitor, User and/or Seller to practice self censure to prevent any unwanted and/or unintended loss, damage, injury and/or death.

The Visitor, User and/or Seller further agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified the Company, Site and/or Service against and/or from any claims, suits, liabilities, loss, theft, damages and/or compensation in any manner or form against the Company, Site and/or Service.

The following list of prohibited items includes but is not limited to:

(For the avoidance of doubt, the word items shall also include words, comments, sentences, images, recordings, images, sound, audio, materials, goods, services, files and/or the like manner)

  • Items which are pornographic in nature
  • Items which are morally decadent and is likely to invite legal repercussion from authorities
  • Items which depicts and/or portrays immoral, offensive, satirical and/or critical connotations against children, religion, any particular race or sub race or culture and/or against any Government and/or its authorities, agents, employees and/or civil services.

For clarity, the relevant part as laid out in the Company’s Site and/or Services’ Terms and Conditions is also appended below for easy reference:

The User is strictly prohibited to use the Site and/or Service including without limitation to list, advertise, introduce, offer for sale, mislead, misrepresent, impersonate, exhibit, convey, display, promote, expropriate, obtain by deceit and/or stealth, sell, upload, procure, give, receive, buy, obtain and/or the like manner, any such goods, items and/or services which is:

  • Illegal and/or proscribed goods/items/ services;
  • Subjected to carriage and logistic restrictions by the authorities and/or any enforcement agency unless proven otherwise;
  • Likely to infringe and/or infringe third party intellectual property rights of the Company, Site and/or Service, User, entity and/or public at large; including but not limited to counterfeit and/or fake goods/items and/or services;
  • Likely to infringe and/or infringe privacy rights, publicity, contractual, licensee and/or third party rights of the Company, Site and/or Service, User, entity and/or public at large; including but not limited to counterfeit and/or fake goods/items and/or services;
  • Stolen goods, items and/or services;
  • Fraudulent goods, items and/or services;
  • Pornographic and/or obscene goods, items and/or services;
  • Subjected to privacy and/or confidentiality and/or non-disclosure agreements unless proven otherwise;
  • Subjected to territorial and/or national restrictions and/or embargo;
  • Likely to cause harm including but not limited to disturbance to public safety and/or public order, make or display defamatory statements, infringe on rights and/or privacy and/or goodwill of third party;
  • Likely to contain manual or electronic and/or computer programming code, scripts and/or device which will likely hijack, interfere, harass, threaten, ransom, transmit, distribute, post, submit, attack, forge or false route, re-route, damage, shut down, deny service, intercept, make surveillance, alter, spoil, steal, spoof, store, transfer, copy, obtain, disturb and/or expropriate data, information, money, system and/or personal information, intellectual rights, contractual, licensee, third party rights and/or privacy rights belonging to the Company/Site and/or User and/or third party and/or the Public at large;
  • Religious, political, racial and/or culturally sensitive and which will likely to create hate, prosecution, criticism and/or violence if uploaded, spread and/or introduced;
  • Likely to create and/or creates controversy, harass, defame, slander, threaten, ransom, bad publicity, liability, loss, damage, unnecessary/ uninvited obligations and/or disturbance, in part or whole, to the Company, Site and/or Service, and/or to its other User/s, affiliates, suppliers, agents and the like which is related to the Company, Site and/or Service;
  • Any other goods, items and/or services which from time to time, will be added and/or decided at the sole discretion of the Company


The Visitor, User and/or Seller’s continued use, access and/or browse of any part and/or page on our Site and/or Service shall constitute acceptance, agree to be bound by and fully comply with ALL Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


Changes To This Agreement
We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms and Conditions and Policies by posting the updated terms on this Site without any need for prior notice. Your continued use of this Site after any such changes constitutes your acceptance of the new Terms and Conditions.
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